World in a Cell

The World in a Cell is the culmination of two and one half years of collaboration between the USC Bridge Institute in the Michelson Center for Convergent Biosciences, and the World Building Media Lab in the USC Media Arts + Practice Division of the School of Cinematic Arts

In addition to making complex scientific concepts approachable, this post-disciplinary project is facilitating collaborations that advance our understanding of the Pancreatic Beta Cell - the cell that produces insulin. The World in a Cell is a crucial step towards developing a cure for Diabetes.

My own roles in The World in a Cell have been those of design research lead (in the first phase, City in the Cell), graduate student lead (in the second phase), and lead sound designer for both phases. As sound designer, I shaped the auditory aesthetic for both the VR and AR experiences, implemented the sound assets in Unity 3D, and, for the second phase, guided the audio development team in their implementation of the sound design in Unity and FMOD Studio.

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