Saccades: GLP1R_Extracellular_Domain

Saccades: GLP1R_Extracellular_Domain is a data visualization and sonification of protein structures that emerged from my research on World in a Cell. It uses protein data files accessed through the Protein Data Bank The visualization was produced in OpenFrameworks, an OpenGL wrapper for C++, and the sonification model was produced in Pure Data. Parameters are sent from the C++ program to Pure Data over the Open Sound Control protocol.

The work takes its name from saccadic eye movements—the rapid movements made by the human eye as it scans a scene for points of interest. These movements are stochastic and "noisy" but take in troves of visual data from which the brain forms a stable visual scene. By looping through the various side chains of the protein in order over a specified duration, visualizing them one at a time, highlighting them in red, and broadcasting the data to be sonified, Saccades investigates a similar, stochastic model of "data to perception" and its potential for sonification.

PDB ID for the dataset used in Saccades: 5OTT Analyzed in: Oddo, A., Mortensen, S., Thogersen, H., De Maria, L., Hennen, S., McGuire, J.N., Kofoed, J., Linderoth, L., Reedtz-Runge, S. (2018). Biochemistry 57: 4148-4154

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