Auggie image

Auggie: Augmented Audio Headset, 2016

Auggie is an experiment in augmented audio in which the natural sound of the immediate environment is mixed with procedural audio driven by data collected from...

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TEC image

TEC_1_17_13, 2016

TEC_1_17_13 is an audiovisual remix of scientific data in which the recordings of electron content in the upper atmosphere taken by satellite over a twenty-four hour period ...

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ionviz image

ionViz, 2015

IonViz was developed as a premilary project to a more robust 3D visualization tool during a data visualization course at USC School of Cinematic Arts. It consists of a Python script that reformats...

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sonde image

Sonde, 2015

Sonde is a four-channel audio installation driven by EM fields that creates an immersive auditory experience. Individual "sound icons" are driven by eight frequency bands...

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WaveForm:PHARMAKON image

WaveForm:PHARMAKON, 2011

In the summer of 2011, I was selected to present an iteration of WaveForm at the annual conference of The Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts being held in Kitchener, Ontario...

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sound wave

Sound Objects and Audio

This is a collection of electro-acoustic ambient pieces and sound design tracks I've produced over the years, as well as a few tools I've developed in Max/MSP for media installations.

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impulse image

Impulse: Electronic Tonalities in Cinema, 2016

"Impulse: Electronic Tonalities in Cinema" is a genealogical study of the use of electronic sound in cinema, focusing on experimental analogue electronic instruments. In this videographic essay I take a look...

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TEC image

EEG Sonification, 2016

EEG readings from each hemisphere of the brain of an adult male rat are mapped to audible ranges of midi notes in E minor Aeolian. These values are sent to two separate FM synthesizers,...

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ionSandBox image

ionSandBox, 2015

IonSandBox is software (Mac OSX only) built in Max 7 that visualizes ionospheric data made publicly available through NASA's Reverb | ECHO portal...

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Aeolian WiFi image

AeolianWiFi, 2014

AeolianWiFi is an acoustic aeolian harp whose strings are driven by various frequencies of electromagnetic radiation in its environment. It was produced during my first semester at iMA+P.

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WaveForm image

WaveForm, 2011

WaveForm is a sculptural and audio/visual environment that reacts to the high frequency electromagnetic radiation emitted from wireless technologies such as cell phones, WiFi routers, and AM/FM radio...

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Jitter Visuals image

Jitter Visuals

A selection of experiments with procedural graphics, visualizations of audio and data, and aimless visual data moshing created in Max/MSP/Jitter.

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